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The Colosseum, one of the Seven Wonders of the World known as the most enduring icon of Rome. It is one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. Tourists who visits Europe don’t miss this historical Place. People enjoy the old architecture and the history of Roman Emperors. While visiting the theater you will feel the roar of the gladiators who participated of the games.

The Colosseum was built between A.D 70 and 80 A.D by Emperor Vespasian of the Flavian Empire as a gift to the Roman people. It was officially known as the Flavian Amphitheater. The name Colosseum has been accepted to be gotten from an enormous statue of Nero before amphitheater In A.D. 80, Vespasian’s Son Titus opened the Colosseum–– with 100 days of Games, including gladiatorial battles and wild creature battles. It stood 160 ft high, 660 ft by 560 ft, with 4 accounts of windows, curves and sections. Every one of the three stories had 80 curves, 76 doors, 2 for Emperor & 2 for the Gladiators. Romans came to watch Warrior and creature battles and shows dependent on Established folklore

It is located just east of the Roman Forum. The elliptical structure could accommodate about fifty thousand audiences, who gathered to watch the gladiatorial events as well as other public spectacles, including battle reenactments, animal hunts and executions. There are around 500 thousands people and more than million Animals died in the deadly games of Colosseum

The colosseum was in use for about five centuries then left into disregard, and up until the eighteenth century it was utilized as a wellspring of building materials. Earth Quakes and stone-burglars have left the Colosseum in a condition of ruin. However, the colosseum is the bearer of the history of ancient Rome so it remains a major tourist attractions of Italy although the major part of the beautiful historical place was damaged over time.

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  • Because of elevated safety efforts, you may encounter delays in clearing security checks when entering the setting.
  • It is preferable to wear comfortable shoes as the archeological territory includes walking on medium-hard floors and be prepared for any weather condition.
  • This tour is not wheelchair accessible and not suitable for people who experience issues strolling.
  • The tours in colosseum and ancient Rome attractions normally finish in the Colosseum area.
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  • In any case of Heart patients who have a pacemaker they should show the certificate from doctor, Or you will be screened before entering.